The Grid Ate Me


How much electricity do your appliances use?Source: IBM, US Department of Energy


How much electricity do your appliances use?
Source: IBM, US Department of Energy

Sep 2

Top 11 MDM vendors according to Pike Research

Top 11 MDM vendors according to Pike Research

GE - Charging ahead

Jun 7

This one minute video by Yello Strom, Germany’s leading energy retailer, is a breakout from usual use of meter data from a web portal.

Jun 6

Accenture predicts the dates of the tipping points for 10 key smart grid technologies. Those technologies include residential smart meters, HAN-enabled home energy management, smart appliances, EVs and more. The company anticipates that the tipping point for the smart grid overall will occur within 10-15 years.

May 2

Nice post-rock music vid with a green grid theme.

65daysofstatic - Drove Through Ghosts to Get Here (2005)

Apr 1
Japan switches off for the sake of lives.


Japan switches off for the sake of lives.

Mar 4

Power to The Negawatt

The ubiquitous presence of RF in our daily lives: Power density in microwatts per square cm (µW/cm2)

These results are findings from EPRI’s hard work »> not fringe public opinion. Take that you pseudo-scientific naysayers / nimbyists of smart meters.

Green Beats

Fancy these eco speakers from Merkury. They are free of power cords / fold completely flat / made from 80% recyclable wrappers.

LG have just unveiled their exciting line of ((amenities)) sporting THINQ technology. It’s relatively sophisticated compared to other smart appliances on the market with Wi-Fi access to your phone and ZigBee to your smart meter. Keep in mind that you’ll need to be on a TOU tariff to reap the benefits.

Smart Grid - It begins to mean everything and therefore begins to mean nothing


What Was Found in The Fog

I have to be honest that I am quite sluggish at discovering the latest material that hits the market. A few days ago a colleague introduced me to a COTS appliance signature solution. It made me step right up, pay attention and enjoy the rather auspicious moment.

The Irish company called Veutility is now offering an appliance signature solution that enables a user to have a realtime view of their appliance’s energy consumption using only a smart meter (no sub meters). I have to stress: NO sub meters and the best thing I have heard of vis-à-vis all the talk about the value that stems out of smart metering.

By using a single plug and play sensor, the technology identifies the energy consumption of a home appliance by mapping its unique electricity consumption signature. It identifies and files the appliance-level profile signatures then monitors and reports on various appliances simultaneously via its own dashboard. 

This is momentous! I will have to give this a test drive. And if it truly delivers on what it promises, the possibilities for smart meter > HAN integration are endless (at a fraction of the cost of what similar functionality would cost). Watch this space…

Dec 1


Warm and Fuzzy Solar?


You can believe what you want about climate change / global warming. The fact of the matter is that major companies around the globe are moving on and revolutionising how they think about the environment by investing huge chunks of effort into it. And it would be foolish not to pay attention and make it worth a bang for your buck.

Having said that, I believe that many of the current government programmes such as Australia’s proposed carbon pricing and NSW’s solar bonus schemes, lack the finesse of modern market mechanisms. These schemes can be bumpy emotive rides and dangerously viewed as ponzi schemes as this anecdote by EPRI’s Efran Ibrahim explains: You have to be pretty well-off to afford decent sized solar panels. And hence > the only ones eligible for a rebate / Who pays for the rebate? > the rest of us poor tax payers. And thus > we are all funding the rich to put up solar panels.

If we allow ourselves to forget about these moon attacks / blurred social engineering experiments such as rebates and taxing the entire population, we can grasp the fact that there’s ample good to come off well thought out technologies. Techies are already lush with inventive and varied ideas for efficient energy use. Let’s harness that – The benefit being the development of technology and a greener environment. It can only be healthy for humanity to flourish!

These hard-headed government leaders need to give the problem a better shake. Lest that latter statement sound outlandish, let me just state that the government never ceases to be hilarious.